artist, educator, actor, stage manager


Nina is a Japanese-American teaching artist and actor/stage-manager originally from Sapporo, Japan and Portland, Oregon working in Seattle. Nina recently stage-managed Book-It Repertory Theatre’s production of My Antonia and on the stage management team at Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Public Works The Odyssey. They are especially passionate about training fellow arts administrators on applying EDI skills in the workplace and surviving the arts as a QPOC. Nina was last seen onstage as an actor in Washington Ensemble Theatre’s Northwest Premiere of Straight White Men. Nina also works as a teaching artist/educator, working with students from Original Work to Musical Theatre. Nina is a graduate of the Intiman Emerging Artist Program, the Seattle Children’s Theatre internship, and of the University of Washington. 

As an Actor, Nina has spent the majority of their time in musical theatre, however nowadays prefers working on socially aware straight plays. They have a variety of certifications and trainings, notably in stage combat and Japanese mask work. Going back to Nina's core artist statement of wanting to create space for humans  that are underrepresented in the traditional theatre canon. They are open to a variety of genders, expressions, and lived experiences. 

As a Stage Manager, Nina has worked at a variety of theatres and continues to push forward that stage managers are there to not only provide valuable communication between parties but also as a voice of empathy and reason in the room. Nina values companies that provide clear breakdowns of communication systems (especially regarding equity, and HR issues) and will listen and respond with compassion. Nina will make the show run while providing a clear, professional, and fun environment in the room. 

As a Teaching Artist, Nina is consistent at putting forward a level of professionalism with a pathway to let students discover and create. Nina has taught anything from Musical Theatre to Shakespeare to Visual Art and is always looking to expand upon their teaching reach. They have experience teaching ages 4-18 with a variety of different education systems, in public, private, and alternative schools. Please see Nina's Home Page for their Educational Philosophy.

As a Human, they are driven, passionate, and focused on building meaningful creative and personal relationships. They are also drawn to opportunities to educate and experience pursuits of intersectional artistic experiences. They are also going to make stupid jokes. Lots and lots of those. 

(The Stage Manager is like the mitochondria of the theatre. ~The Power-house of the cell~)